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Katharina Bleier (© Regina Längle)
extended piano – ear walking
Katharina Bleier
Arnold Schönberg Center
Thursday, 27 May 2021
7.30 pm
Katharina Bleier (© Regina Längle)

Katharina Bleier piano

Dika NEWLIN Fantasy on a Row
Charlotte SEITHER Gran Passo
John CAGE 4’33’’
Annea LOCKWOOD Ear-Walking Woman
Katharina KLEMENT tatsächlich ohne Ausdruck
Olga NEUWIRTH incidendo/fluido

Tickets € 14 | Free admission for persons under 26 years

Like a hiker exploring a landscape, “Ear-Walking Woman” sets out on an expedition to the inner workings of the piano. Sensitivity for sound variants and differentiation lead the pianist towards the rich sounds experienced in the stillness. The program also includes “completely notated” works that require the audience to adopt a “different way of listening”: for example, the detuning and microintervallic internal differentiation of the piano’s sound, changing rhythm to pitch, deliberate inexpressiveness, or a reinterpretation of a Mahler theme conceived as a twelve-tone row by Schönberg’s pupil Dika Newlin.

With video projection from the piano interior

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