Monika Musil and Katharina Wallaberger: idea, concept, and execution
Program (90 minutes) available in either German or English

With the music-educational offering “On the Trail of Schönberg”, the Arnold Schönberg Center invites school groups to get to know the composer and his work directly, personally, and through the senses. In workshops filled with anecdotes and biographical details, children and teens can come to know the person Arnold Schönberg and the secrets of his work, all of which is wonderfully complemented with stories from his own children Nuria, Ronald, and Lawrence.

Schönberg er.lebt! | Workshop for young people aged 6 to 10
Starting from interactive engagement with one of Schönberg’s photo albums, the children become active in a composition workshop and apply themselves with the ingenuity of Schönberg to the design of an exhibition. Access to Schönberg’s multifaceted artistic personality emerges gradually through his music and painting.

Schönberg und ich! | Workshop for young people aged 11 to 14
Through original documents, teens come to know Arnold Schönberg directly. In association with music, writings, and the design of an exhibition, points of contact are made between the world of the composer and that of the participants.

Schönberg ge.hört! | Workshop for young people aged 15 to 18
Schönberg’s musical development from the late Romantic tradition through extended tonal works to his “method of composing with twelve tones which are related only with one another” is presented through selected examples of his compositions. The music is presented initially without any introduction. Then the students engage with the music from diverse perspectives and listen again to the pieces to their conclusion.

Contribution per student: € 4

Upcoming dates (planned for the end of the semester) can be found in our events calendar.

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